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Devon Gant 1 -1 General Psychology 01:830:101:08 Final Paper: due: May 11 Prof. Bryant Eating, Hitting, and Five Years of Change Five years can change a person forever. The four years a teenager spends in high school, along with their first year of college, are the most important years in forming who that person is and who that person will become. Teenagers are forced to grow up in five short years and be ready to face anything that comes at them with unwavering courage. The pressure to live up to the ideals set by family, friends, boyfriends, society, and yourself is sometimes harder to bear than the heaviest stone, but I can say from experience that it is possible. I have been through a lot the past five years and I have grown so much as a person it is hard to recognize myself back then. I have grown from a shy, introverted girl with no self-confidence, into a self-assured, extroverted college student. The change from one extreme to the other is the result of a lot of hardship and a lot of self-searching. The events in my life have not been easy to bear, but they have made me who I am and so I cannot say they were all bad. High school and the first year of college have taught me who I am and will help to show me who I will be. I have never had a lot of self-confidence when it comes to looks. I have always been thin, but I have always taken issue with my weight, as do many teenage girls. Five years ago, I was a freshman in high school. I was just about 100 pounds, five feet tall, and my nickname was “pancake” among my relatives as I had not inherited the large chest that was the norm in my family. This nickname did not help my already fragile self- confidence, so I was very shy and reserved. When I started high school in 2001, I was 1
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Devon Gant 2 scared and felt alone, so I looked to my sister, then a junior, for help and guidance. She introduced me to her friends and I was able to blend into the shadow cast by her, while still having her friends to hold on to. I began to come out of my shell and out of her shadow enough throughout the year, that by the end of March, one of her friends had begun to notice me. Kyle was a nice, funny, energetic boy who did the same activities I did. We began dating in June and it was a normal, healthy relationship; something I thought I needed to help with my confidence. However, things changed when we got back to school after the summer. The first time Kyle hit me, I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t believe he meant to do it and I explained it away as a mistake. The second time, he made it perfectly clear that it was no mistake. I told myself I would walk away, but he came back to apologize and bought me flowers and a teddy bear to show he was sincere. I believed he was sorry, and so I told myself this was normal, and I allowed it to continue. Over the next year, the abuse continued, much to the detriment of my self-esteem.
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end of year essay - Devon Gant 1 General Psychology...

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