Gen39-Exodus19 - Garrison Moore Genesis 39-50 I. The Life...

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Garrison Moore Genesis 39-50 I. The Life of Joseph A. Joseph’s career 1. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his household. Potiphar’s wife liked Joseph and asked him to sleep with her day after day, but Joseph continually refused. One day Joseph came inside and no one was there except Potiphar’s wife, who grabbed his cloak and asked him to come to bed with her. He ran, leaving his cloak in her hand. She twisted the story and told Potiphar that Joseph had come onto her, and Potiphar threw him in jail, but the Lord was with him and the prison warden put him in charge of everything in the prison. (Gen. 39) 2. While Joseph was in prison, the pharaoh threw his cupbearer and his baker in prison, and they were put in Joseph’s care. Both of them had dreams the same night, and the next day Joseph came to them and they told him their dreams. God used Joseph to interpret the dreams, and he told the cupbearer that he would be returned to the pharaoh’s service in three days. He asked the cupbearer to remember him when he left, for Joseph was innocent. For the baker, Joseph’s interpretation wasn’t pretty, he would be hanged by the king in three days time. In three days, the interpretations came true, but the cupbearer forgot about Joseph. (Gen. 40) 3. Two years later, Pharaoh had two dreams (7 fat cows eaten by 7 gaunt ones and 7 good grain swallowed by 7 scorched ones). No one in his kingdom could interpret them, but the cupbearer finally remembered Joseph. Pharaoh sent for him and God, through Joseph, interpreted the dreams, telling Pharaoh that seven years of plenty were coming, only to be followed by seven years of famine. Joseph laid down a plan for survival to Pharaoh, and he put Joseph in charge of executing it. From that day on Joseph was second in command throughout all of Egypt. (Gen. 41:1-40) 4. Joseph was given full authority and a wife, and he went throughout Egypt storing grain for the seven years of famine. When the seven years of abundance were over and the famine began, Joseph began selling grain back to the Egyptians and other countries. (Gen. 41:41-57)
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Gen39-Exodus19 - Garrison Moore Genesis 39-50 I. The Life...

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