II Samuel 11 thru 24

II Samuel 11 thru 24 - II Samuel 11-24 I. David and...

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II Samuel 11-24 I. David and Bathsheba A. While the armies of Israel were off fighting, David wondered around on his roof one evening and saw Bathsheba bathing. He summoned her and made her pregnant. When he received word that she had conceived, he sent for her husband. He came back from the battlegrounds, but would not go home because he didn’t want the comforts of home while his fellow soldiers were sleeping in tents. David sent him back and told his commander to put him in the fiercest fighting area. Uriah died and Bathsheba became David’s wife. (II Sam. 11) II. Nathan rebukes David A. Nathan the prophet came to David and told him a parallel story about what David had done to Uriah. When David realized this, he was distraught. God said thru Nathan that David would be supplanted by his own line, and the child Bathsheba was to have would die. David fasted and prayed for the infant, but it died after 7 days. (II Sam. 12) III. Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom A. Amnon fell in love with his half sister, Tamar, and he went to bed and pretended to be sick. She came to him and baked him bread, but he overpowered and raped her. He then hated her and sent her away. Absalom, Tamar’s brother, as well as David found out, but
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II Samuel 11 thru 24 - II Samuel 11-24 I. David and...

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