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1Mike Isberg 2x5 Assignment ENG 222 Professor Kanyo 19 March 2008 Article One : Beyond Change Management: A Multilevel Investigation of Contextual and Personal Influences on Employees’ Commitment to Change David M Herold; Steven D Caldwell, Journal of Applied Psychology , 2007; Vol 92, No 4; pg 942-951. Five New Sources: 1. Eden, D. Self-efficacy training and speed of re-employment: Helping People help themselves. Journal of Applied Psychology , 78, 352-260. http://jab.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/41/2/222.pdf This researcher has done as many as twenty-five studies in the last ten years on self- efficacy and other employment studies. In her study she stresses how important self-efficacy is and how to train others to be able to recognize it. She also describes the importance of re- employment. Her research can help me in my final paper and will be another very useful source. 2. Herscovitch, L., & Meyer, J. P. (2002). Commitment to Organizational Change: Extension of a Three-component Model. Journal of Applied Psychology , 87, 474-487. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez? This article discusses the Three-component Model deeper. Three studies were conducted to test the application of a three-component model of workplace commitment in the context of employee commitment to organizational change. The study provided further support for the validity of the three Commitment to Change Scales, and demonstrated that commitment to a change is a better predictor of behavioral support for a change than is organizational commitment, affective and normative commitment to a change are associated with higher levels of support than is continuance commitment, and the components of commitment combine to
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predict behavior. 3.
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2x5 Assignment - Mike Isberg 2x5 Assignment ENG 222...

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