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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Managing Information Technology and...

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Chapter 4 Managing Information Technology and E-Business Objectives o Summarize the role and impact of technology in the global economy. o Specify how information is managed and explain a management information system. o Describe the Internet and explore its main uses. o Define e-business and discuss the e-business models. o Identify the legal and social issues of information technology and e- business. o Assess the opportunities and problems faced by an individual in an e- business and suggest a course of action. (IT) Information Technology o The process and applications that create new methods to: Solve problems Perform tasks Manage communication The Role and Impact of Technology in the Economy o Technology relates to the application of knowledge, including the processes and procedures to solve problems, perform tasks, and create new methods to obtain desired outcomes. Includes intellectual knowledge as well as the computer systems devised to achieve business objectives. o Technology has been a driving force in the advancement of economic systems and the quality of life. o Increase intellectual knowledge o Achieve business objectives o Advancement of economic systems o Improving the quality of life The Impact of Technology on Consumers o Technology changes the way consumers: Plan and take vacations Make purchases Drive cars Obtain entertainment The Impact of Technology on the Workplace o Technology has: Improved productivity Improved efficiency 1
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Reduced costs Enhanced customer service The Biggest Technology Challenge for Business o Keeping pace with new information technology in new competitive environments Increasing Speed of Technology Acceptance IT Improves Global Access o Global markets and foreign business professionals are now linked through telecommunication Productivity has doubled in the last 10 years through “real time” access to people and markets Managing Information o Data: Numerical or verbal descriptions related to statistics or other items
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Managing Information Technology and...

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