Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Organization, Teamwork, and...

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Chapter 8 Organization, Teamwork, and Communication Objectives a. Define organizational structure and relate how organizational structures develop. b. Describe how specialization and departmentalization help an organization achieve its goals. c. Distinguish between groups and teams and identify the types of groups that exist in organizations. d. Determine how organizations assign responsibility for tasks and delegate authority. e. Compare and contrast some common forms of organizational structure. f. Describe how communication occurs in organizations. g. g. Analyze a business’s use of teams. Organizational Culture o Corporate culture 0. Shared values 1. Beliefs 2. Traditions 3. Philosophies 4. Rules 5. Role models for behavior How is Corporate Culture Expressed? o Formally 0. Mission statement 1. Codes of ethics 2. Memos, manuals 3. Ceremonies o Informally 4. Dress codes (or the lack thereof) 5. Work habits 6. Extracurricular activities 7. Stories Developing Organizational Structure o Structure is the arrangement or relationship of positions within an organization, and developed by: 8. Assigning work tasks and activities to specific individuals or work groups 9. 9.
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Organization, Teamwork, and...

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