Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Managing Human Resources Objectives...

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Chapter 11 Managing Human Resources Objectives o Define human resources management and explain its significance. o Summarize the processes of recruiting and selecting human resources for a company. o Discuss how workers are trained and their performance appraised. o Identify the types of turnover companies may experience, and explain why turnover is an important issue. o Specify the various ways a worker may be compensated. o Discuss some of the issues associated with unionized employees, including collective bargaining and dispute resolution. o Describe the importance of diversity in the work force. o Assess an organization’s efforts to reduce its work-force size and manage the resulting effects. The Nature of Human Resources Management (HRM) o HRM: 0. 0. All activities involved in determining an organization’s human resource needs, as well as acquiring, training, and compensating people to fill those needs Planning for Human Resources Needs o Typical HR Issues: 0. How many employees? 1. What skills are needed to satisfy plans? 2. Availability of people in the workforce? 3. What qualifications must employees have? 4. Cost of staffing? Processes of Job Analysis o Job Analysis: 1. The determination through observation and study, of pertinent information about a job, including specific tasks and necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills o Job Description: 2. The formal, written description of a specific job, such as the job title, tasks to be performed, physical and mental skills required, duties, and responsibilities o Job Specification: 3. The written description of the qualifications necessary for a specific job, such as education, experience, personal characteristics, and physical characteristics Recruiting New Employees o Internal 1
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Managing Human Resources Objectives...

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