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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Dimensions of Marketing Strategy...

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Chapter 13 Dimensions of Marketing Strategy Objectives a. Describe the role of product in the marketing mix, including how products are developed, classified, and identified. b. Define price and discuss its importance in the marketing mix, including various pricing strategies a firm might employ. c. Identify factors affecting distribution decisions, such as marketing channels and intensity of market coverage. d. Specify the activities involved in promotion, as well as promotional strategies and promotional positioning. e. Evaluate an organization’s marketing strategy plans. The Marketing Mix 0. Maintaining the right marketing mix that satisfies the target market and creates long-term relationships with customers Product Strategy 0. Product development 1. Classification 2. Mix 3. Life cycle 4. Identification Developing New Products 1. New Idea Screening 2. Business Analysis 3. Product Development 4. Test Marketing 5. Commercialization Classifying Products 5. Consumer Products 0. Convenience products 1. Shopping products 2. Specialty products 6. Business Products 3. Raw materials 4. Major equipment 5. Accessory equipment 6. Component parts 7. Processed materials 8. Industrial services 1
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Product Line and Product Mix 7. Product Line 9. Closely related products that are treated as a unit because of similar marketing strategy, production, or end-use considerations 8. Product Mix 10. All of the products offered by an organization Colgate-Palmolive’s Product Mix and Product Lines Product Life Cycle Identifying Products 6. Branding 0. The process of naming and identifying products; can use a brand mark or trademark 7. Packaging 1. The external container that holds and describes the product
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Dimensions of Marketing Strategy...

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