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Przybylski “Child abuse reported to the police” This article discussed child abuse, what it is and some statistics on it. It also talked about the role law enforcement and child welfare play in cracking down and catching child abuse. It really caught my attention that the majority (73%) of the parent and other caretaker crimes are physical assaults, and 23% are cases of sexual abuse. Also, male offenders’ are responsible for three-quarters of the child abuse incidents reported to the police, including 92% sexual assaults and 68% physical assaults. It is also interesting that caretakers are responsible for one in five of all violet crimes against juveniles while strangers are responsible for only half as many (10%). This article talked about the gender of victims, weapons and injury, which happen to be very low, and they compared NIBRS and the child welfare system.
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Unformatted text preview: After reading this article it disturbed me to know that it was people I thought would be trustful such as parents and other caretakers who were the ones commiting most of this child abuse. I also agree with the article that I don’t think enough is being done to stop child abuse or prevent it. And that policymakers need to figure out what cases are handled by law enforcement and what ones by child welfare, or both because if they each don’t know or pushing one onto another it isn’t helping the victim and is easier for the abuse to continue. It is really sad to know that this is happening and most of it never is caught. It can have an impact on the victims for the rest of their lives, so the court system needs to make it a bit more harsh than a little slap on the wrist. Laws need to be changed; prevention and education need to start immediately....
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