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Conflict Paper

Conflict Paper - Conflict paper There have been many...

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Conflict paper There have been many conflicts throughout the world in the last 21 years. In just the past few years they have become more dangerous than the past. The three major conflicts I see in today’s world include: troops in Iraq, weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands, and America as a super power. The direction I would like to see the war in Iraq progress to would be getting the American troops out, out of a Muslim country where we are not wanted. Another direction I would like seen is getting weapons of mass destruction (WMD) out of the wrong hands. Finally, I would like to see America as a superpower communicate with allies more effectively rather than trying to be the policemen of the world and get our nose stuck in every little conflict finding ourselves spreading thinner and thinner. One of the main questions is why are we even in Iraq? Because the thought of Sadam having WMD’s? Thinking Sadam and Bin Ladin had connections? Yes, that is why we are in Iraq, but they ended up not having WMD. The US got Sadam out of power, but found out that Sadam and Bin Ladin did not have connections. So now the reason we are there is just like saying of a china shop, “You break it, you own it.” Well we went into Iraq and broke it, so now it is up to us to rebuild it because we “own” it. First of all the direction the US needs to take is getting American troops out of Iraq. Yes, the country might become a strong hold for Islamic militants and even perhaps
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