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flood releif paper

flood releif paper - 1 Soc 434 Flood Relief Fundraiser...

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1 Soc. 434 11/25/07 Flood Relief Fundraiser Project With the devastation from the recent floods, many people were left with nothing. Not only were they suffering physically, but many also mentally. Along with people losing everything, businesses were also destroyed. These people had to sometimes go great distance to find medical, psychological and physical help that they could once get in the comfort of their own community. There was a situation where a clinic was totally destroyed and found refuge here in the Winona Health building. Many people had to see different doctors than they were use to seeing along with doctors seeing patients other than their own. This can bring distress by not knowing them and possibly not being able to trust them like they could their past physician. In class we talked about “fake” doctors and during times like these, many people could be led to be treated by one, because the demand is so high and other physicians are getting overloaded with patients. The selling of drugs to treat different illnesses or depressions will most likely be on the rise. Doctors are probably more willing to give drugs to patients in times like these. Someone comes in with symptoms so they are prescribed a drug along with others with similar symptoms, although there may be more that the doctor has looked over. This is a great example of what we talked about in class on the quality of health care not on the quantity of patients the physician can see in a single day. This time of need, it could have been a great time to see if the placebo effect would work, since there where a great number of people suffering from the same things.
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