Gang members on the move

Gang members on the move - In conclusion the article...

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Przybylski “Gang members on the move” This article considered issues such as gang migration, gang growth, female involvement with gangs, homicide, drugs and violence, and the needs of communities and youth who live in the presence of youth gangs. In recent years police and such have identified this proliferation as an epidemic, meaning that big-city gang members are starting to fan out across the nation seeking new markets for drug distribution. The primary focus of this article is to assess whether gang migration has played a major role in gang proliferation. It went into gangs in different areas of the country and the difference of street gangs and drug gangs. The number of gangs has gone up astronomical and has contributed to an increase in local crime rates and patterns primarily in theft, robbery, and other violent crimes to lesser extent of drug sales. Since the 1970’s the increase in the number of cities and smaller communities has gone up as far as reporting street gang activity.
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Unformatted text preview: In conclusion the article surveys provided evidence that gang member migration, although widespread, should not be viewed as the major culprit in the nationwide proliferation of gangs. It is sad to see that gang violence has gone up and the fact that there are more gangs being created everyday. Gangs make communities unsafe and a worrisome place to live and work. Just because you live in a smaller town doesnt mean there are not gangs. Although when we think of gangs we think of LA or Chicago, they dont have to be major cities for a gang to develop. I think that we need to take more action in fighting gangs to bring them to a halt. The speaker that we had in class was very interesting in what he has done to stop gangs around MN and think that would be a great speaker for Przybylski high schools around the nation. His story was very powerful and made you really think of how unsafe it really is. Some members look so innocent yet they are so malicious....
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Gang members on the move - In conclusion the article...

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