Law enforcement response to child abuse

Law enforcement response to child abuse - and the...

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Przybylski “Law enforcement response to child abuse” The article talked about child abuse and the role law enforcement has as far as the procedures and protocols. As stated in the article, “child abuse is a community problem”. No single agency has the training, manpower, resources, or legal mandate to intervene effectively in child abuse cases. When it comes down to a child being abused all the agencies need to work together such as; doctors treating the injuries, therapists counseling, social services work with the family, police arrest the offender, and attorneys prosecute the case. Not only that but they all need to have a “common language” so it makes it easier to work together and communicate to do the best job they can. This article went into state-mandated reporting and the main discussion was the team approach
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Unformatted text preview: and the protocols/procedures they would take in a child abuse case. Since child abuse is a community problem I believe that all citizens need to be aware of their neighbors and such to help keep the community safe. This is a good article in that it talks about different aspects to look for and the steps all the agencies take in prosecuting and keeping the child safe. Last semester I was fortunate to take a class in mandating reporting called CAST. CAST was a very interesting course and believe it will help in my profession of nursing. I believe that all nursing students and for that matter all student should take the class for the reason that it can help in so many was. It is also very crucial for all the agencies to work together; otherwise it makes it hard on themselves and the child....
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