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poverty paper - Poverty Paper When you think of poverty you...

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Poverty Paper When you think of poverty you usually think of some third world country where there are children and families starving and getting by on less than one dollar a day. Some people describe poverty as a lack of essential items – such as food, clothing, water, and shelter – needed for proper living. Poverty is described as “…a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information.” When people are unable to eat, go to school, or have any access to health care, then they can be considered to be in poverty, regardless of their income. To measure poverty in any statistical way, however, more rigid definitions must be used. (ThinkQuest.org) In the movie, we watched about families in poverty in rural WI, there were two families that really caught my attention. The first one was Barb and Boyd and the other family was Amy and Larry. These two families caught my attention not just because of their problems, but how and why they became a family in poverty. The third and final family that caught my attention came from the movie called working off welfare. A man by the name Greg Hunter who seemed like everything was going for him and then became a statistic in poverty. At first it seemed like Barb and Boyd’s marriage was just like any other marriage was. Everything going for them including having six wonderful children, owned his business, which, happen to be a farm, and had a wonderful wife. What seemed to go wrong with the family was that Boyd liked to drink and drink a little too much. According to the movie, Boyd was an alcoholic and that was the major reason for Barb and Boyd to get a divorce. This alcohol problem may have been brought on through the marriage, family, depression, or maybe from the work on the farm. The farm was lost
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due to the separation this is where the hard times began for Barb and her six children. First off, loosing the farm is a huge drawback for the community and also for Wisconsin itself seeing that there are three farms a day disappearing. Not only that but now Barb has to find a job to support the children and to add to all the trouble all ready brought on from the separation Boyd refuses to pay any child support. Barb finds a temporary job delivering papers for $300/month, but when you figure in all the expenses of such a job the hourly wage comes out to be around $3.75/hr. No single parent can support a family making that kind of wage. Not in today’s society where even minimum wage is not enough. Barb also works temporary taking care of two elderly people. Time goes by and around Christmas time Barb and Boyd get back together for some time, but can not seem to work things out so she is back to square one raising her six children alone in poverty. The oldest son works on a neighboring farm as a farm hand experiencing what he would
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poverty paper - Poverty Paper When you think of poverty you...

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