Predictors of Youth Violence

Predictors of Youth Violence - between suspicious behavior...

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Przybylski “Predictors of Youth Violence” This article was concentrated on factors that predict youth violence. Sixty-six studies were compiled into a longitudinal data set where the subjects fit six criteria. The subjects were juveniles living in the community and that have not been incarcerated when first assessed. This study measured interpersonal physical violence or acts resulting in physical violence to another person. The results from this study were broad and needed to be better researched. The main findings showed that children who committed a delinquent act between the ages of 6-11 had a strong correlation of becoming more violent later in life. Also, substance abuse is one of the best predictors for future violence in this age group. For ages 12-14 the strongest predictors of delinquent behavior was a lack of social ties and involvement with antisocial peers. Boys had better correlation
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Unformatted text preview: between suspicious behavior and criminal behavior later in life while girls showed little correlation on most topics. Surprisingly, broken homes and abusive parents had the poorest correlation for future violence in both age groups. This article was set up good and was easy to understand but I think it lacked a lot of researched. Many of the topics discussed were inconclusive and showed that more research on the topic needed to be done to affirm what is true. Many of the topics that were chosen to be in the study seemed to be known indicators. For example, being in a gang was a topic discussed. To me it seems obvious that being in a gang will lead to delinquent behavior. This article labeled the predictors and made them known but didnt go into any more detail. Also, it would have been helpful to know what is being doing to prevent these predictors from occurring....
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