Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice - done and how it affected the victim...

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Przybylski “Restorative Justice” Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders. Restorative justice requires that we work to restore those who have been injured. Those most directly involved and affected by crime should have the opportunity to participate fully in the response if they wish. And government's role is to preserve a just public order, and the community's is to build and maintain a just peace. The restorative program is characterized by four key values which include; encounter, amends, reintegration, and inclusion. These are important for restoring what has been lost in the victim and to make the person responsible for the actions realize what he has
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Unformatted text preview: done and how it affected the victim. This article gives different options of restitution, which is important in the acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the perpetrator. I believe that some perpetrators should be allowed to do this, but it should be agreed upon by the perpetrator and the victim. This usually has an impact on the perpetrator in that it makes them see what they did to hurt someone else. Bringing them face to face can make someone really reflect on their actions. Another is community service. I also think it is a good way of restoring justice. If someone wants to disrupt a community then a good way of restoring it would be doing hours of community service to try and make it like it use to be....
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