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Safe School Initiative - Przybylski "Safe School...

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Przybylski “Safe School Initiative” This article discusses school violence such as the shootings that have happen in our nation’s history and why they might have happened. It also asks the question, "Could we have known that these attacks were being planned?" and, "What can be done to prevent future attacks from occurring?" This document explains how two agencies studied the school-based attacks and what they’ve found. The objective of the Safe School Initiative was to attempt to identify information that could be obtainable, or "knowable," prior to an attack. This knowledge could be used to help communities across the country to formulate policies and strategies aimed at preventing school-based attacks. The article also gave statistics on how much more dangerous it is now compared to just 25yrs ago. These incidents were usually planned in advance and for most part included intent to harm a specific, pre-selected target, whether or not the attacker’s execution of the incident, in fact, resulted in harm to the target. The main purpose these
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Safe School Initiative - Przybylski "Safe School...

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