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Sex offender returns to jail

Sex offender returns to jail - This is such a touch topic...

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Przybylski “Sex offender returns to jail” This article was about a man who was on probation for 10yrs for sexual encounters he had with a 13 year-old he met from Goodview days. He was released back into the community and it happened so fast that the police didn’t have time to hold a meeting with the community before his release date. The man is a level three sex offender which the police always hold a conference before they are let back into the community. Everyone in the community was outraged by this and wanted answers. Then on March 28th, the man was jailed because neighbors said the high-risk sex offender was apparently talking to young girls from the balcony of his West Fifth Street boarding house. Offenders classified as Level 3 are considered the highest risk to re- offend. And Arnold was the only one with this classification in Winona, yet there are 127 such offenders registered in 37 communities throughout Minnesota.
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Unformatted text preview: This is such a touch topic for a community. Once someone is an offender, it is hard to get trust back from them because of such incidents like this one. Placement of such offender is also crucial. Are they going to be by kids or schools and will they are able to still talk to them as this man was able to? Another thing to think about is what it is going to do to the community and the neighborhood. Some people will move and will be hard for them to sell their homes. Others will fear for their kids and not allow them to play like normal kids do. This is such a touchy topic and people can debate this kind of action all day. But if they don’t go in our community they have to go somewhere. Should we spend tons of money slowly introducing them back into society? There are many questions that need to be answered before they let someone like this into a community....
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