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Synopsis of crimes in schools and colleges

Synopsis of crimes in schools and colleges - This article...

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Przybylski “Synopsis of crimes in schools and colleges” This article examined incidents nationally throughout schools and colleges. For this study the FBI counted on law enforcement agencies to submit their data via NIBRS for the years 2000-2004. Data included; age, sex, race of victims, offenders, arrestees, weapons used, location, and type of crime. In those five years there were 17,064,075 incidents reported vie NIBRS. Reviewing the date, males accounted for 76.7% of offenders and the age of most offenders were 13-15 years old. Weapons most commonly reported were personal weapons which include; (hands, fists, and feet) and accounted for 77.5%. Knives accounted for 8.6% while guns where 2.7%. In our era school violence is gaining importance throughout society and this study may be useful for law makers, law enforcement, school officials who wrestle these crimes/problems in their area.
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Unformatted text preview: This article was very interesting in that it gave fairly suitable data on certain things such as age, race of victim and offender, and also the weapons used. The only problem I see is the cases that were not reported and how many states, counties, agencies participated and how many didnt in this study. I really believe it is sad that as students we have to worry about these kinds of events when schools are supposed to be safe and friendly. Although many incidents are low profile there are some that stand out to shock the nation. An excellent example would be the Columbine shooting, and now the Virginia Tech shooting. Sad to see innocent people being killed for no reason and makes some wonder WHY. Are we doing enough to keep kids safe now days? Are we doing enough to listen and looking at all the warning signs presented to us?...
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