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Study Guide for exam 3

Study Guide for exam 3 - JOUR 1001-Study Sheet for 3rd...

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JOUR 1001—Study Sheet for 3 rd Evaluation covering Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 Please be aware that you are responsible for all the readings in the BOOK, key terms, lectures that cover materials not covered in the book, guest speakers, etc. This means anything that encompasses your learning is fair game in an evaluation. In addition, you should pay particular attention to the following: The early film entrepreneurs covered in class and in your BOOK Eadweard Muybridge arranged a series of still photos, of a horse galloping. When he realized the movement in the pictures he got more interested, and invented the zoopraxiscope (a machine for projecting slides onto a distant surface). William Dickson then realized that a new camera needed to be invented, and so he combined the celluloid roll film with the Kodak camera, and the film camera was invented. He called it a kinetograph. Thomas Edison built the first motion picture studio near his laboratory in New Jersey, and called it the Black Maria (common name for police paddy wagon).
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