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1. Does modernization theory or dependency theory better explain the variance in democracy among the four cases we have studied? 2. Is nationalism conducive to democracy or does it make democracy harder to maintain? 3. What constitutional changes would you recommend for both Russia and Brazil in order to create democratic change? 4. How are political parties critical in creating and maintaining democracy? 5. Given our extensive analysis of parliamentary, presidential, and mixed-systems, which is most conducive to supporting and maintaining democracy? 6. How do electoral systems matter? Cite the effects they have had in the four cases we have studied. 7. Discuss how Musharraf, Politkovskaya, and Cardoso agree or disagree on what matters most in achieving stable democratic governance. Which author do you agree with and why?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Both Brazil and Pakistan have witnessed periods of military rule over the last three to four decades. What explains Brazil ʼ s political stability relative to Pakistan ʼ s? Mutual Independence Oligarchy Ramzan Kadyrov Nation Building Dependency Theory Privatization Mikhail Khodorkovsky United Russia Duma Federation Council Democratic Centralism Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Boris Yeltsin Beslan Mikhail Gorbachev Tenentes Plano Real Open List PR Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Jose Serra Raul Prebisch Law of Unequal Exchange Getúlio Vargas Mensalão Castelistas Conditional Cash Transfer IMF Conditionality Clientelism Politburo Import Competing Industry General Secretary Loans for Shares Itamar Franco Perestroika Glasnost Vladimir Putin Political Socialization Relations of Production Final Study Guide Fall 2007...
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