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Exam 2 Study Guide Research Studies: Harvard Grant Study - George Vaillant- Followed a group of Harvard undergraduates for decades after graduation. The greater the psychological maladjustment in earlier life led to more illness later in life. Johns Hopkins University Study - Framingham Heart Study - Coronary Heart Disease- smoking, stress, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes Korea / Vietnam Autopsy Studies - American soldiers had more clogged arteries than Korean and Vietnam soldiers Western Collaborative Group Study - type A personalities get heart disease more Broken Heart Study - spouses death causes death from heart failure Peckham Experiment - Centenarian Studies - Healthy People-Surgeon Generals Report - Case Studies: Norman Cousins - Dirk Benedick - Anthony Satilro - Roger Cochran - spontaneous remission in final stage of AIDS Mr. Wright - klopfer lied about cancer medicine, got better, worse, better, dead Disciplines: Humanistic Psychology - free and rational decisions, consciouness Transpersonal Psychology - mystical, eastern, extreme psychological well being Behavioral / Cognitive Psychology
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Ex2StudGuide362 - Exam 2 Study Guide Research Studies...

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