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BE/EAS 303 Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Engineers Spring 2008 T, Th 1.30 PM - 3 PM Location: TBD Katherina Glac Contact information Katherina Glac Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania 3730 Walnut Street JMHH Suite 600 Email: [email protected] Phone: 267/239/6004 Office hours: JMHH 600, Tu, 3-5pm or by appointment Short Description: BE303/EAS 303 provides an overview of the ethical and professional responsibilities of engineers, as engineering professionals, as members of engineering organizations, and as researchers and developers and users of technology. The course will emphasize ethical issues related to the creation and use of technology, although other issues related to the professional development of engineers will also be considered. In addition to sensitizing students to ethical issues, this course will place a strong emphasis on developing skills to properly analyze and communicate these issues in writing and through oral presentations. The course will involve extensive student presentations in the analysis of case studies, preparation of written arguments, role playing, and debates in the analysis of real-world situations involving ethical conflicts. The case studies will be chosen to reflect the full range of engineering fields and disciplines. Grading Policy 20% approximately 3 homework assignments*. Homeworks must be submitted in class and will not be accepted late without prior arrangement with the instructor 20% approximately 3 pop quizzes on course material (cumulative). Quizzes are taken in class during the lecture sessions and no make-ups will be given unless the student presents a doctor’s note to excuse the absence. Make-up quizzes will be in essay format. 20% group paper on in-class case presentation** 30% final exam (open weekly notes)***
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10% participation. The participation grade consists of: On time attendance (will be taken at beginning of each class) active and insightful engagement in classroom discussion ability to answer questions about weekly readings (I will cold call) Unexcused absences will adversely affect your grade. The grades in this class will be curved. Your individual achievements will be normalized by the class average. The final grade will be calculated as follows: final score =.20*normalized HW + .20 *normalized quizzes + .20*normalized presentation paper + .30 * normalized final + .1* normalized participation The final scores will be converted to final grades based on a normal grade distribution with a total score of 1 roughly corresponding to a B-. * done as an individual. You may discuss the problem in general terms with other students but the paper you hand in should be essentially your own work. ** done as part of a 3-4 person group. These will be group efforts and each student should contribute to, and review the entire work product before it is presented or submitted.
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