Honor Code Ethics - Ian Ratliff ISAT 131 22 Apr 08 Honor...

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Ian Ratliff ISAT 131 22:12:40 Honor Code Violation and Little White Lies Everyone has done it before in their life. Stealing a cookie out of a jar and lying to mom about it poses no threat, but the fact is, it was still lied about. Receiving help on an exam can be viewed similarly, except the consequences are far more serious. Cheating on a college level exam is a higher risk, and is morally wrong. The sole purpose of college is to gain sufficient knowledge to prepare for a career. Not only would cheating on an exam be a false representation of one’s lack of knowledge, but it lowers the standards of the school itself. Having a brilliant cousin with a master’s degree in the subject of your exam and significant time on his or her hands would be handy. The egoist devil on your shoulder will proclaim that there is no problem in cheating on the exam, nobody will know and he will give you the go because it is in your own self interest to pass the exam. The angel on the other hand, takes a deontological view on the matter. The action of cheating is wrong, it is against the
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Honor Code Ethics - Ian Ratliff ISAT 131 22 Apr 08 Honor...

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