Terms - Terms: Why is this term important for what we have...

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Terms: Why is this term important for what we have learned in this class? What country or person does this apply to, if any? Given that answer, how does it affect that country or person, what implications does it spell out for democracy in that country? Some of these are just political Science concepts. And if you can bring them to the largest level of significance, or if you can connect them with other ID’s then that is good as well. Mutual Independence Oligarchy Oligarchy is a form of government where the political power rests within a small elite segment of society. . This can be established by wealth, family status, or military. In Russia especially, the small group of powerful individuals who gained ownership and control of important sectors of Russia’s economy in the context of privatization of state assets in the 1990s. Narrowly based, undemocratic government, often run by traditional elites. Makes for a very corrupt system. Ramzan Kadyrov He is the president of Chechnya, and a former Chechen rebel. He supports Russian president Vladimir Putin, and was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Russia, for his efforts to guard against the Chechen rebels. The Memorial group investigator stated in its report: "Considering the evidence we have gathered, we have no doubt that most of the crimes which are being committed now in Chechnya are the work of Kadyrov’s men. There is also no doubt in our minds that Kadyrov has personally taken part in beating and torturing people. What they are doing is pure lawlessness. To make matters worse, they also go after people who are innocent, whose names were given by someone being tortured to death. He and his henchmen spread fear and terror in Chechnya. (. ..) They travel by night as death squads, kidnapping civilians, who are then locked in a torture chamber, raped and murdered,". [15] Anna Politkovskaya, a veteran Russian reporter (murdered in 2006; case unsolved as of October 2007) who specialized in Chechnyan reporting, claimed that she had received a video footage of a man identical in appearance to Ramzan. ". ...On them (the clips) were the murders of federal servicemen by the Kadyrovites, and also kidnappings directed by Kadyrov. These are very serious things; on the basis of this evidence a criminal case and investigation should follow. This could allow this person to be brought to justice, something he has long richly deserved," she said. She was allegedly working on an article revealing human rights abuses and regular incidences of torture in Chechnya at the time of her murder
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Nation Building Refers to the process of constructing or structuring a nation using the power of the state. This process aims at the unification of the people or peoples within the state so that it remains politically stable and viable in the long run. Nation-building can involve the use of propaganda or major infrastructure development to foster social harmony and economic growth. Originally, nation-building referred to the efforts of newly-independent nations,
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Terms - Terms: Why is this term important for what we have...

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