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Ex Quiz 1 Soln 7 - b What is the character of the...

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Unformatted text preview: b.) What is the character of the dislocation shown below? i.) edge ii.) screw iii.) mixed iv.) none of the above. Answer (circle one) i.) iii.) iv.) c.) The relationship between the Burgers vector, b, and the line direction I, of a straight edge dislocation is i.) b is perpendicular to 1 ii.) b is parallel to l iii.)b is inclined at 45° to 1 iv.) b continuously rotates along the length of 1 Answer (circle one) ii.) iii.) iv.) d.) The stacking sequence associated with a twin in an FCC crystal is: i.) ABCABCABC ii.) ABCABABCA iii.) ABCBCABCA iv.) ABCABACBA Answer (circle one) i.) ii.) iii.) ...
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