aa3 - misses on a cache of size i on algorithm A(For a...

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Problem Set 3 Due: March 28 cs2me3 Winter 2007 Instructions 1. You are encouraged to work in groups of two. If you cannot find a partner, you can work alone. 2. Please submit one copy of the assignment; if you are working with a partner, both names should appear on the assignment. 3. For Part A of the assignment, you must submit an electronic copy of your Java appli- cation via WebCT (by the time of the lecture on the due date of the assignment). Part A Write a program which does the following experiment: on input m, n, k it creates a random list of m requests, where each request is from among [ n ] = { 1 , 2 , . . . , n } pages of memory, and it counts the number of misses on a cache of size i k of each of the following page replacement algorithms: LRU, CLOCK, FIFO, LIFO, LFU, LFD 1 , and plots the result. In other words, for each 0 < i k it draws a point in position ( i, misses A ( i )), the number of
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Unformatted text preview: misses on a cache of size i on algorithm A . (For a better visual effect, plot the outcome of each algorithm in a different color, and provide a legend.) 1 See page 43 of the notes for the description of these algorithms. 1 Part B 1. For a general i , provide a sequence of page requests that illustrates Belady’s Anomaly incurred by FIFO on cache sizes i and i + 1. In your analysis, assume that the cache is initially empty. 2. Show that FWF is a marking algorithm, and that FIFO is not a marking algorithm. 3. We say that a page replacement algorithm ALG is conservative if it satisfies the fol-lowing condition: On any consecutive input subsequence containing k or fewer distinct page requests, ALG will incur k or fewer page faults. Prove that LRU and FIFO are conservative, but FWF is not. 2...
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aa3 - misses on a cache of size i on algorithm A(For a...

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