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HISTFINAL - Question 1 How did the experience of the Great...

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Question 1 How did the experience of the Great Depression change Americans’ sense of the purpose and function of the federal government and its relationship to their lives? Use at least THREE examples to support your argument. 1. How did the experience of the Great Depression change Americans’  sense of the purpose and function of the federal government and its relationship  to their lives? Use at least THREE examples to support your argument. Thesis: Following the Great Depression the American view of gov was  strengthened by Roosevelt’s New Deal and administration 1. Got people back believing gov. was there for the them Wagner Act – Strengthened collective bargaining o Solidified rights to unionize, strike and boycott o Banned unfair labor practices – blacklisting, company spying Works Progress Administration – Created thousands of federal jobs o Federal Writers Project o Federal Music Project Social Security Act o Created Fed. unemployment insurance o Created welfare benefits for children and disabled 2. Trust in Banks/Government Protection FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp) – Insured bank deposits SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) o Keeps companies in line o Fair Trade Policies FDR went over reasons for believing in banks during “Fireside Chats” 3. Change from impersonal government to personal Fireside chats promoted unity/trust in gov. Created a government you could believe in/ of the people rather than  business/economy Made people feel like they were part of government/in the loop o Outlined New Deal/gov programs I. Because of Prohibition, there was a strong dissonance between the US gov and its citizens in the 1920’s; however, after experiencing the great depression, citizens found a new loyalty to their gov when FDR provided 3 helpful institutions through
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his New Deal: welfare, social security, and creation of gov. jobs A. experience in 1920’s/prohibition; (relationship w/gov); experience of great depression B. FDR/new deal to fix economy; creation of gov. jobs (FDIC, farming, gov price control) ; how it helped restore economy C. Social Security and welfare – conclusion: although FDR’s 1 st phase of New Deal didn’t help citizens directly, the organization created from it, along with 2 nd phase of New Deal, helped bring US economy out of depression and helped restore US citizens faith in their gov. II. The realization of the flawed economic system spurred on by black Tuesday changed the purpose of the gov’t and brought on the creation and evolution of the new deal A. Black Tuesday 1. American prosperity in 20’s a. Ambitious consumer 2. Black Tuesday hits, consumers shocked a. Turning point and government purpose B. New deal 1. Hoover attempt to save the capitalistic system with emergency relief and construction 2. FDR a.
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