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Maureen Costura Anthropology 150 30 November 2007 Pottery, Sculptures, and Cave Paintings of the Neolithic Era At first glance, art of the Neolithic era may seem very primitive compared to the art that we see in today’s society. The Neolithic era started during the beginning of agriculture and settled life, which is around 3500-7000 BC in most areas (Hilson 1991: 230). Pigments had to be extracted and then used on the walls of caves thousands of years ago while today we have paintbrushes of hundreds of different thicknesses and materials. However, although the way we produce art, whether it’s pottery, sculptures, or paintings, is different, we also show ideas that we feel are important and noteworthy. When comparing the cultures of people in the Neolithic past and the culture of people today, it is helpful to be able to analyze remains that are still in their original character or form. For this reason, pottery and its pigments and patterns are good tools for determining how art of the past has influenced art of today. Even the fingerprints that were imprinted on wet clay still persist in the artifacts today. In addition, patterns that are either printed or incised are still clearly seen after thousands of years (Andrews 1925: 304). The method that pottery is made has changed with advances in technology. Of the three varieties of pottery found by Sir Aurel Stein, all pieces from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic period were wheel made. Even some pieces have faint and fine ripples suggesting “engine turning” (Andrews 1925: 307). Even simpler methods to make pottery were by rolling clay into
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art - Maureen Costura Anthropology 150 30 November 2007...

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