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Study Guide test 1 mktg - 26. Market share 27. Competitive...

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Study Guide Test 1 (Chapters 1-4) Test one contains approx 80 Multiple Choice questions. You need a #2 pencil to complete. You also need your student ID number and ID (DL Students). 1. Study Definitions from each chapter (use “flashcards”) 2. Study practice quizzes 3. Review Powerpoint presentations 4. Study the following concepts 1. Marketing 2. MKTG Stakeholders 3. Exchange 4. Needs vs Wants vs Demand 5. Market vs Target Market 6. Marketing Mix 7. Elements of MM (4P’s) 8. Marketing Environment 9. Environmental forces 10. Relationships 11. How Marketing creates value 12. Marketing Era’s (production, sales, marketing concept, societal marketing concept, relationship) 13. Customer relationship management 14. Social responsibility 15. Sustainable development 16. How marketing benefits society
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17. Utilities (4) 18. Ben and Jerry’s example 19. Offerings 20. Profit 22. SBU 23. BCG Growth/share matrix 24. (Stars vs cash-cows vs question marks vs dogs) 25. Goals (types)
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Unformatted text preview: 26. Market share 27. Competitive advantage 28. Quality 29. Benchmarking 30. Steps in the Strategic marketing process 31. SWOT analysis (incl. goals of) 32. Market segmentation and targeting 33. Baby boomers vs gen x’ers vs gen y’ers 34. MSA 35. Culture 36. Types of competitive environments (pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly) 37. BBB 38. Environmental scanning 39. Demographic characteristics and trends 40. Values and spotting trends in changing values 41. Value consciousness 42. Economic env. (trends) 43. Technological environment (e-commerce) 44. Ethics vs laws 45. (ethical-legal matrix) 46. Factors that influence ethical behavior 47. Caveat emptor 48. Consumer bill of rights (4rights) 49. Economic espionage 50. Whistleblowers 51. Moral idealism vs utilitarianism 52. Social responsibility vs profit responsibility 53. Green marketing vs cause related marketing 54....
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Study Guide test 1 mktg - 26. Market share 27. Competitive...

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