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AST 205 Quiz one

AST 205 Quiz one - Rachel Keenan Quiz 1 1 2 3 4 If I were...

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Rachel Keenan September 11, 2008 Quiz 1 1. If I were you, I would have given the waitress a tip. 2. Mack must have known the salary, or he would never have taken the job. 3. When I saw Jane’s letter, I immediately gave her a call. 4. I wish I were finished with my degree so that I could have gone to work at LaserTech. 5. Many computer users wish they had chosen a different printer. 6. If Jerry were manager I’m convinced he would have more patience with employees. 7. We paid every bill when it was due; however, we still received late notices. 8. If the package had come earlier we could have made our deadline. 9. “The Herald Post Dispatch” our local newspaper surprised me with an article entitled “How To Keep Employees Safe.” 10. Unless he’s more careful than he has been in the past, we are in danger of being sued for libel. 11. John should have known that our competitor products would be featured at the Denver home and garden show.
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