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Poli 202 2nd midterm

Poli 202 2nd midterm - Socialism o The industrial...

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Socialism o The industrial revolution did the following: o Changed the means of production But the machines were not designed with worker safety in mind. o The gap between rich and poor grew o No regulation of labor conditions ie minimum wage, hours. o No mechanism to reduce disparity. o They argued that liberal principles of individual freedoms and political rights did nothing but create worse poverty conditions and a wider gap between rich and poor o This would all be countered by Karl Marx – The communist Manifesto o 2 warring classes – the workers vs the capitalists. o The capitalists own the means of production, and workers are forced to sell their labor power to the capitalists in order to sustain themselves. o Profits of factory owners would increase while those of the labororer did not. Growing gap. o Under communism the means of production would be public ally owned, private property abolished, and the state would become 2 nd to the people. o Socialism places the greatest importance upon equality, not freedom. Communism and Social Democracy Compared o Both favor public ownership of the means of production in order to get rid of economic inequalities. o Socialism however views the move towards public ownership a gradual process, while communism sees a revolutionary view of it all. o Communism wants complete control of all private industry and all means of production. No one has an economic advantage over anybody else. o Communism stands for the complete sharing of all things. While classical socialism only seeks the collective ownership of the means of production. o These all deal with the major issues of income distribution. o Social Democracy will also take a persons job into account, a surgeon would make more than a shoemaker. o Communism everyone makes the same wage no mater what your job. o Socialism also pays attention to minorities and disadvantaged groups e.g. homosexuals have a claim to marital status, and the right for immigrants to preserve their culture. o Socialism is divided into 4 tiers, Social Democracy and Communism are the most important. o The ultimate goal of communism is a classless society – all elimination of economic inequalities. o Socialists would try and curtail negative consequences of the market, such as economic relations, and the introduction of reforms to provide a minimum wage, safe working conditions, and the right to strike – collective bargaining.
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Marxists Doctrine o Lenin led the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and solidified power in Russia and communist party by 1918. o
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Poli 202 2nd midterm - Socialism o The industrial...

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