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POLI 298z Section EC Governance and Organized Crime Midterm Take Home Exam Justin Lemieux-Reale 6030858 1.) Organized Crime are groups of people, some of them extremely large who undertake the task of breaking the law in a highly disciplined manner for monetary gain. Often or- ganized crime is happening in our own backyards, but because it is organized, we often do not see it occurring until it is pointed out to us. There are many definitions for organ- ized crime, but the one accepted globally is: “A group having at least three members, taking some action in concert (i.e., together or in some co-ordinated manner) for the purpose of committing a ‘serious crime’ and for the purpose of obtaining a financial or other benefit. The group must have some internal organization or structure, and exist for some period of time before or after the actual commission of the offence(s) involved” Course Website, UN Definiton of Organized Crime. Often many innocent people are being held for collateral. They are being put through mental torture knowing that the organized crime group after them has total control over them. For example, the economic impact of organized crime can be see in money laun- dering, counterfeit money, and price undercutting. Some social impacts are the traffick- ing of all drugs, but especially hard drugs such as heroic and crystal meth. Often the crime syndicates will not sell these drugs themselves but hire others to sell on the streets. Other attempts to fraud and steal from the public include telemarketing fraud, in-
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surance fraud, and cellular phone fraud. Also nearly 16,000 immigrants are smuggled into Canada each year. (course website) As you can see, while we may not see organized crime first hand on a day to day basis, we see the actions and repercussions of it daily. Organized crime is able to stay covert and operate for long periods of time because of a hierarchy system. Very few people report to the top. Picture a triangle. You have 1 per- son at the top, 3 on the next tier, 5, 10, then maybe your 20 foot soldiers who are out in the open each day. Since organized crime was first seen as being a problem in society police officers and organizations have attempted to slow it down. Many claim stopping it completely is impossible so the best police forces can do is slow it. If it is not slowed and is allowed to grow with out and pressure from law enforcement organized crime can develop huge amounts of power in a city or country. They can monopolize financial sectors through the use of intimidation and unfair competition, like price fixing. If they are able to infilt- rate the political system they may be able to bribe the police force itself, judges, law- yers, etc. If this is done they pretty much are able to run free. Fighting organized crime is a huge effort. On the national level the RCMP, CISC,
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essay - POLI298zSectionEC GovernanceandOrganizedCrime...

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