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Jonathan Retta Desk # Kristin C. Halfpenny Thursday 9:35-12:25 Ready, Aim, Fire!!!! Introduction The objective of this lab was to determine the proper methods of weighing by difference in Part I, and in Part II, to determine the glassware which was the most precise for measurements. Part I was focused on accuracy, while Part II evolved mostly around precision. Weighing by difference involves weighing a material in a vial, transferring a portion of the material to another vial, and then measuring the original vial to see if the weights were accurate. In Part II, the precision was evaluated by measuring out a liquid and seeing if it was the same amount in each different piece of glassware. Procedure The Part I portion of this lab began by taking a vial of NaCl, which weighed approximately 12.3043 grams. A second empty vial was taken and a select portion was transferred from the original vial to the empty one, and measured. This was repeated seven times until an accurate measure was reached, at around 1.4933 grams. The original vial was then measured out to be 10.8110 grams, so they were equal, when added, to
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This note was uploaded on 02/11/2009 for the course CHEM 100 taught by Professor Phillips during the Fall '07 term at Vanderbilt.

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chem lab - Jonathan Retta Kristin C. Halfpenny Desk #...

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