chem lab #8 - Jonathan Retta Kristin C. Halfpenny...

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Jonathan Retta Desk # Kristin C. Halfpenny Thursday 9:35-12:25 Preparation and Analysis of an Iron Salt Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine if the supposed anticancer agent, potassium tris(oxalato) ferrate(III) trihydrate salt, is actually able to be prepared properly as it was described in an obscure science journal. This is to be determined via two different methods: identifying the yield of the salt obtained, and by testing the purity of the stated salt. By using these methods, it can be identified if this is the best method of preparing this salt. Experiment In order to prepare the salt, the first step was to dissolve 7.5g of Fe(NH 4 ) 2 (SO) 4 ) 2 * 6H 2 O in 25 mL of warm water, which had been mixed with 1 mL of 6M sulfuric acid. Then, after stirring the solution, add 35 mL of oxalic acid. After heating the new solution, you take the precipitate, and decant, while keeping as much solid as possible. Repeat the process with 25 mL of hot water, and then add 15 mL of the prepared 1.8 potassium oxalate solution to the remaining decanted solid. Warm this to 40 degrees Celsius, and slowly pipette 15-17 mL of H 2 O 2 until ferric hydroxide precipitate forms. Then you heat this solution to near boiling, while adding 8 mL of the oxalic solution, then a portion which is less than 6 mL. The resulting solution should be a lime green shade, and about 50 mL full. Finally, add 15 mL of ethanol solution.
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chem lab #8 - Jonathan Retta Kristin C. Halfpenny...

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