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hw3 - find the source that you used Consider our...

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CS 4235 Spring 2008 Intro to Information Security Homework 3 The completed homework is due in class on Friday, February 8. Students submitting solutions after that date but by classtime on Monday, February 11 will have their scores scaled by 0.75. No solutions will be accepted after class on Feburary 11. This is an individual homework; please solve the problems on your own. Solutions should be typewritten, printed out, and handed in during class. Make sure to include your name and GTID number on your submission. Multiple sheets should be stapled together. Scores will be posted on T-Square. Your answers must be your own writing. Although you can use outside sources for information, you: must not copy-and-paste text or figures from those sources, and must cite the sources. A citation should provide sufficient information for myself or anyone else to
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Unformatted text preview: find the source that you used. Consider our point-of-view: we use homeworks to see if you are learning security material, not to see if you are good at searching Google. It is also a bit more serious: any failure to follow either of these guidelines is a violation of academic honesty. If you are unsure whether or not you are using outside material appropriately, please ask me rather than guessing. Provide solutions to the following six questions. 1. (10 points) Section 3.10, #4. 2. (15 points) Section 3.10, #14. 3. (20 points) Section 3.10, #15. 4. (20 points) Explain how an attacker could convert each of the following into a covert channel: (a) Spam email (b) Non-spam email (c) Images in a flickr account (d) The directory of temporary files on a system 5. (15 points) Section 9.8, #3. 6. (20 points) Section 9.8, #5....
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