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CS 4235 Spring 2008 Intro to Information Security Homework 1 Dates Assigned: January 11 Due: January 14 Description Help me remember your names. Print or copy a representative picture of yourself to an index card or a sheet of paper. Next to the picture, type your name, what you prefer to be called (if different from your name), and your email address. For example, a card for me might look like: The picture does not need to be your favorite or best picture. Simply providing a good photocopy of your Buzzcard photo is sufficient. Cell phone cameras also provide an easy way to take quick pictures. The purpose of this assignment is to help me learn your names quickly. I will not distribute the pictures or post them on any public forum.
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Unformatted text preview: Submission You can turn submit your card either electronically or as a physical card or printout. Digital submissions should be emailed to [email protected] in any of the following formats: PDF, Word 2003 or earlier (.doc), open document (.odt), or as a single image (.jpg, .png, .tiff). Please do not submit Word 2007 (.docx) files as I cannot open this format. If you decide to give me a physical printout instead, then it should be turned in to me at class on January 14. Grading This assignment is graded based on whether or not you turn it in. The grade will be taken into account as part of you class participation grade at the end of the semester....
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