SPED 1010-Notes for Session 4

SPED 1010-Notes for Session 4 - Notes for Session 5 Least...

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Notes for Session 5 Least Restrictive Environment - Children with disabilities are to be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Specifically, IDEA stipulates that to the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities are to be educated with children who are not disabled. - The LRE is the setting that is closest to a regular school program and also meets the child's educational needs. - Although the LRE for many children with disabilities is the regular classroom, the IDEA does not stipulate that all children with disabilities must be mainstreamed into regular classrooms. Continuum of Services - Regular Classroom - Regular Classroom with Additional Services - Regular Classroom and Resource Room - Special Class - Special School - Residential or Day Treatment Programs *Farther down you go on this list, the fewer children that are in that setting* *Location and education are not the same thing, location is not a form of special education* Beliefs that Impact Defining the LRD - The general education classroom in the neighborhood school is the least restrictive environment for all students. - If a teacher uses an effective instructional method, all students will learn. - Students receive intensive, individualized instruction if they are taught in a special class or resource room. - Attending a special class or school always harms a student's self-concept - All students benefit by having appropriate peer models in general education classrooms. Interpretations of LRE Regular Education Initiative (1983) - Merge special and general education. - Increase the number of children with disabilities in mainstream classrooms. - Mild to moderate disabilities only - Strengthen the academic achievement of students with mild/moderate disabilities, as well as under achievers without disabilities. Tactics for Implementing the REI - Waivers for restructuring the use of special education resources. - Modify the continuum
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  • Spring '08
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  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, U.S. Department of Education, education services, Individualized Education Program, LRE

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SPED 1010-Notes for Session 4 - Notes for Session 5 Least...

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