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SPED 1010- Notes for Session 6 2008

SPED 1010- Notes for Session 6 2008 - SESSION 6 NOTES...

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SESSION 6 NOTES Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends protection to persons with disabilities in the workplace and community at large. Specifically, civil rights are extended to five areas: Employment, transportation, telecommunications, public accommodations, and state and local governments. Essentially, this law extends the protection of Section 504 to the private sector. - Basically, any public place must be able to accommodate persons with disabilities. Primary Purposes - To provide a national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. - To provide enforceable standards addressing discrimination - To ensure that federal government plays a central role in enforcing the standards - To invoke the sweep of the congress to address the major areas of discrimination. Employment - Employers may not discriminate against an individual with a disability in hiring or promotion if the person is otherwise qualified for the job - Employers can ask about one’s ability to perform a job, but cannot inquire if someone has a disability or subject a person to tests that tend to screen out people with disabilities. - Employers will need to provide "reasonable accommodations" to individuals with disabilities. This includes steps such as job restructuring and modification of equipment - Employers do not need to provide accommodations that impose an “undue hardship” on business operations. Reasonable Accommodation - Making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities. - Job restructuring, part-time or modified work schedules, reassignment to vacant positions, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, training materials or policies, the provision of qualified readers or interpreters and other similar accommodations for persons with disabilities. - Analyze the particular job involved and determine the purpose and essential functions. - Consult with the person with a disability to ascertain the precise job related limitations imposed by the individual’s disability and how those limitations could be overcome with reasonable accommodations. - Identify specific accommodations.
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  • Spring '08
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  • No child left behind Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Americans with Disabilities Act

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SPED 1010- Notes for Session 6 2008 - SESSION 6 NOTES...

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