Hist Notes - V. VI. Birmingham a. Mass marches CBD b....

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V. Birmingham a. Mass marches – CBD b. Arrests, Children placed in front of the marchs c. Police Violence – Prods, Dogs, Hoses d. TV Aired images of people being beaten, hosed, and mauled during the march. e. Public opinion in support of protesters --> JFK 1964 civil rights act. VI. Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 a. Youth – SNCC Core – Volunteer to register voters, b. community orgs – local crass roots leaders, c. “freedom schools” – taught literacy, black history and how to register to vote. d. Freedom Summer (1964) – a civil rights turning point e. Southern White Violence and Fed. Govt double crosses f. ’64 Democratic national convention – MFDP – 2 seats allowed, promised more in the future. g. MLK viewed as a sellout by compromising. h. Conflicts between black and white students i. Sex – interracial ii. Power – White Students wanted to run everything i. CRM Conclusion i. Legal equality but daily life little changed. ii. Integration questioned. Cause for rise in black nationalism iii. NVDA questioned iv. MLK questioned v. Vietnam awareness flares up, and people stop caring about CRM. vi. Whites begin protesting the N. Vietnam vs. S. Vietnam war vii. Housing integration is accomplished viii. Jobs become more equal ix. Schools are integrated LBJ (1963-69) Peak and Unraveling of Dem. Liberalism I. LBJ 1908-73 a. VIEWS: Less Government, More Econ. b. born in rural Texas, to the middle class but lived in a poor area. c. Obsessed with being better than FDR and creating a better plan than The New Deal. d. Lots of Ego and Ambition. II. LBJ’s “Great Society” p 991 a. Civil Rights Legislation i. 1964 – Lower job discrimination – EEOC ends segregation in public accommodations ii. 1965 – Ensures Equal Voting Rights iii. 1968 – Ensures Equal Housing Opportunity b. Health Care i. Creates Medicare for 65+
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ii. Creates Medicaid for the Poor. c. Education i. Improves K-12 ii. Improves Higher Education d. Environment i. Sponsors Clean Water Programs ii. Sponsors Clean Air Programs e. Immigration f. Arts and Public Broadcast g. War On Poverty i. Education and Job Training ii. Services – Legal Aide iii. “Empower the Poor” – Elected Councils III. Unraveling of Dem. Liberalism a. Vietnam i. Unwinnable War 1. Liberals believe the war is being won 2. Public Liberals Promise Success 3. liberals led us to war 4. public blames Liberal Democrats x. Dems divided 1. Supporters – Hawks 2. Anti War – Doves xi. antiwar protest 1. denounce liberalism xii. Vietnam War – Kills US Economy 1. War – “Guns and Butter” – GSOC Programs – Inflation b. Domestic Politics and Social Conflicts i. White Working class ethnics back New Deal agenda ii. Liberal Agenda shifts AWAY from the New Deal 1. Race South-North, Integration public accommodations, Jobs, Housing, Neighborhoods and Schools 2. Riots – 1965-69 and Increase in Black Nationalism iii. War on Poverty iv. Increase in Crime – Liberals are blamed v. Youth – Liberals are Blamed
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Hist Notes - V. VI. Birmingham a. Mass marches CBD b....

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