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Unformatted text preview: Presenting a Chapter Report in IS 215 Introduction Frequently, presenters face the challenge of delivering material of a technical nature to an audience unfamiliar with the topic or vocabulary and uninterested in the material. The material may be complex or heavy with detail. You can meet this challenge by utilizing the following guidelines. Organize Your Presentation Follow a logical progression. Divide your presentation into clear segments. Maintain focus throughout. Narrow the amount of material covered. Have a logical conclusion. Maximize Your Effectiveness Show concern for your audience. Maintain the relevancy of data and information at all times. The visuals should support and supplement your presentation. They should not dominate. Opening Establish relevancy of topic to audience. (they will be tested on the material) Get audience involvement. Point #1 Use clear language to state point. Use evidence both verbal and visual to support your point. Amplify your point with an incident or anecdote. Develop a logical transition or bridge to your next point. Point #2 and Point #3 Repeat the fourstep process under Point #1. Close Summarize your points. State your conclusion. Make it relevant to your audience. And, if applicable: Describe options for future consideration. Recommend a future strategy, plan and/or goal. ...
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