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book review - Matt Greve ASL 153 Book Review Growing up I...

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Matt Greve 4/10/08 ASL 153 Book Review Growing up I was rarely exposed to the deaf culture first hand. After completing the first semester of ASL and taking ASL 2, it’s still a culture shock because there is so much to learn that will take years or even a lifetime. American Sign Language is like learning any other culture or language. Learning the deaf culture and the people within it is learning about people with real life problems, good and bad experiences, childhood stories, emotions, opinions and everything that any other hearing person would feel, only when they tell a story it’s expressed through sign language or even a book. “Alone in the Mainstream” was full of different perspectives and experiences of deaf people of all ages who can almost all feel the same emotion when they are born into a hearing family. The facts that most who come from hearing families almost never communicate with them, including Gina Oliva, is a huge part of a child’s life that they are being isolated from. When hearing parents don’t take the initiative to have the ultimate relationship with their deaf child by learning sign language and just stick them into public schools to make their own lives easier, only pushes the family apart. There are some families, on page 141, who is close with their family members who are deaf and hearing. “Both my grandparents had a combination of deaf and hearing siblings. The majority of the hearing relatives could sign, so practically everyone in the family experienced a life of full inclusion regardless of their hearing status.” Which is important to have when growing up.
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Due to the Education of All Handicapped Children Act, it gives the students a chance to be well rounded and develop knowledge of the hearing world and be comfortable in it. They could receive a great education by being mainstreamed and learn everything that hearing students do. Unfortunately for most, being mainstreamed into a public school, the child is restricted from their full potential of learning and interacting with other classmates. This can turn what should be the best years of a youth’s childhood to the worst, as we see in many of the passages in the book. Children who are in solitary
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book review - Matt Greve ASL 153 Book Review Growing up I...

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