Lecture 1 (Intro to American politics)

Lecture 1 (Intro to American politics) - Lecture 1 America...

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Lecture 1 Lecture 1 America America in the in the Twenty-First Century Twenty-First Century What are Politics and Government? - What Does Government Do? - Resolving conflict - Providing public services - Setting goals for public policies Different Systems of Government - Autocracy/Monarchy/Dictatorship - Athenian Direct Democracy - Representative (Republic) - Other Forms - Aristocracy - Plutocracy - Meritocracy - Theocracy The General Nature of Democracy - Politics : the authoritative allocation of values and government is the institution that can make binding decisions on everyone regarding the allocation of values. - Government : the only institution that can legitimately use coercion in enforcing values upon society. Three forms: autocracy (rule by one), oligarchy (rule by few), and democracy (rule by many). American Democracy - British Legacy
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- Limited government - Representative Government - Social Contracts/Natural Rights Process and Substance - Democracy as Process: all citizens have the right to participate in the decision-making process. The system may be filled with conflict and inefficiency, but allows for many voices to be heard – and in this way could be considered the most just. - Democracy as Substance: In order to be democratic, policies must be consistent with four fundamental democratic values: popular sovereignty,
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Lecture 1 (Intro to American politics) - Lecture 1 America...

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