Lecture 3 Federalism - Federalism PLSC 112 Lecture 3...

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Federalism PLSC 112 Lecture 3 Highlights Announcements What is federalism? US federalism Commerce Clause Supremacy Clause State rights Announcement Straight Talk with Representative John Stewart When: Thursday 29 7:00 – 8:30 PM Where: Sponberg Theater Announcements Office of Academic Service Learning is looking for students to work the polls for the Detroit mayoral election 30 students needed, all of whom must be registered voters in Wayne County students get paid and are provided with some curriculum concerning politics and elections Learning Objectives Understand the three basic forms of dividing political power: the confederate system, the federal system, and the unitary system. Understand that federalism is a way to structure government so as to disperse power and balance the roles of the national and state governments. Understand the main advantages and disadvantages of federalism. Federalism and Its Alternatives What Is Federalism? Government powers are divided between a central government and regional, or subdivisional governments.
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The powers of both must be specified in constitution. The term “federal government” refers to the national, or central government. Federalism and Its Alternatives (cont’d) A Unitary System {most nations in the world} - Centralized governmental system. A Confederate System - League of independent sovereign states linked together by a central government that has only limited powers. (Confederate states of America-U.S. Civil War)
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Lecture 3 Federalism - Federalism PLSC 112 Lecture 3...

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