Lecture 4 Civil Liberties

Lecture 4 Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties Lecture 4 PLSC...

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Civil Liberties Lecture 4 PLSC 112 Highlights Difference between Civil liberties and Civil rights Types of liberties Limits to liberties Role of the courts Understand the definition of civil liberty. Understand that the Bill of Rights Key Question The key question to be explored in this chapter is: In American democracy, how should the rights of individuals be balanced against those of society as a whole? Distinction Civil Liberties: Recognizes a limit to the power of the government in its interactions with the citizen. Civil rights: recognizes a responsibility of the government to provide for the minority protection against tyranny of a majority Individual Freedom and Society The Supreme Court’s decisions in the area of civil liberties and individual rights often illustrate the tension between liberty and order in a democracy. Freedom is not absolute, it is argued, but the rights of the individual must be balanced against the rights of society as a whole. The rights of the individual should not always be viewed as competing with those of the community, however; the fullest freedom of expression for the individual also may serve the interests of society as a whole. The Bill of Rights The first ten Amendments to the Constitution constitute the Bill of Rights. Although the Bill of Rights is the fundamental charter of American liberties, it is the Supreme Court that ultimately decides how those rights shall be defined and applied. Individual liberties may depend not only on what the Court says in particular cases but on what the political system will tolerate in any given era.
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Lecture 4 Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties Lecture 4 PLSC...

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