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Lecture 8 Media and Politics - Media and Politics PLSC 112...

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Media and Politics PLSC 112 Lecture 8 The Role of the Media in a Democracy *Agenda-Setting Function; TV is Primary News Source *Political Advertising *Consumes at least half of the total campaign budget *In 2004, TV ads cost 1.5 billion dollars *Sound Bites The Candidates and Television *Types of Mass Media *Print media: newspapers and magazines. *Electronic media: radio, television, Internet. * The Emergence of Televised Political Advertising * Negative Political Ads - attack and issue ads *Infamous “daisy girl” ad of 1964 *Video News releases “VNR’s” Television Debates *First TV Debates in 1960 Between JFK and Nixon *News Coverage *Helpful for voters? Do debates affect outcome? *Spin Doctors – Do Voters Take Them Seriously? *Managed News Coverage Television Debates *Talk Radio—The Wild West of the Media *Conservative bias: Fringe groups empowered? * Go to: http://tvnews.vanderbilt.edu The Question of Media Bias *Is there a liberal bias in the media? Some argue media is “apolitical” *Selection Bias and self-censorship *Research data suggest that “liberal views are not reflected in reporting” *The Bias Against Losers
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*Racial Bias?
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