ASL Reaction paper 1

ASL Reaction paper 1 - For many years people believed that...

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Matt Greve 9/17/07 Reaction Paper #1 ASL 152 Alexander Graham Bell believed that the use of ASL isolated Deaf people from the “hearing world.” American sign language is just like any other language spoken here on earth except for the speaking part. One does not need to hear to be aware of a situation around them. Deaf people understand by actions and expressions on another persons face. Some people worry that deaf people isolate themselves when they use only sign language since most people can’t sign. In the first place it is not anyone’s place to be worrying whether or not the deaf community wants to isolate themselves or not. Sign language is the way that the deaf people communicate to each other. Just like we communicate in English they communicate through signs. Would you tell a Spanish speaking person in this country that they are isolating themselves because they do not speak English? Sign language is a language just like English and Spanish is. Whether you choose to speak either language is up to you.
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Unformatted text preview: For many years, people believed that lip-reading and speaking were better than signing. A deaf person trying to learn how to speak is like an ASL student trying to learn sign language with broken fingers. It is possible but it is a lot easier for the hearing student to learn how to speak English. The English language is based on sounds and for a person to make the right sounds to pronounce words they must hear the sounds they are making. For a fully deaf person this is nearly impossible because they are not able to hear the noises they make. Whether they speak or sign, deaf people should be able to choose what’s best for them. Just because speaking is best for the hearing people in this country does not make it best for all the non-hearing people also. Edward Gallaudet believed that just like English is our natural language, sign language is the deaf person’s natural language and allows them to express themselves clearly and beautifully....
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ASL Reaction paper 1 - For many years people believed that...

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