2-10-09 - Central institution of the WONT aristocratic...

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Central institution of the WONT aristocratic household People who do not belong to the aristocratic household: social marginals Largest grouping of marginals: independent peasants who own their own land Dorkon, Knemon, Gorgias Also include urban craftsman smith, shoemaker doing labor, unskilled labor, hoping, from day to day to find a job and support themselves Beggars: people unable to work sick, crippled Hetaira, cynic philosophers, brigands (Chariton’s novel) Heitaira(i) In Conversation: by Lucian (wrote 15 fictitious conversations of Heitarai) young girl being initiated into the role of hetaera named Corrina and her mother Crobyle conversation after her first night with a man wage earned The reason why Crobyle turned Corinna into a hetarai: father, formerly a smith, died and income lost, they faced economic hardships for a while Crobyle got by selling her husband’s tools and doing some weaving then she saw an opportunity to convert their economic status Hetairai: someone who provides sexual favors in turn for money and gifts (free women who took on their role) target among aristocratic group Those who provide sexual favors to those less well off: ponai slaves in a brothel serving poorer classes like sailors and people living in the countryside Model: Lyra successful hetarai clothes, jewelries, own slaves Expectations of a hetairai: “adorns herself beautifully…but quietly” Desire for wealth, for eradication of economic extremities
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2-10-09 - Central institution of the WONT aristocratic...

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