1-27-09 - English textiles didnt enter China, China was...

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English textiles didn’t enter China, China was willing to sell, but not buy from English merchants British industrial revolution: steam power, this brought Britain to Asia more than they ever did Opium was the catalyst for conflict, British took over opium production and extended its scale, opium was the only thing Chinese ever bought from foreigners Lin Zexu destroyed 21000 chests of opium, Opium war (1839-1842) declared, British army used weapons developed by technology that made British factories prosper unequal treaties (Nanjing treaty) territories form a necklace around the map of China Chinese never understood they lost the race Guns The Genius that was China: The Threat from Japan : Chinese’s struggle to regain past glory Chinese was the secondhand citizen on their own land Shanghai: greatest of the treaty ports, in the late 19 th century was cosmopolitan and wealthy but there were signs of western domination everywhere Chinese were not able to defend themselves against outside threat, Japan dominated the far east Japan’s ability to absorb western modernizations Natural disasters, the harm of opium…all wracked rural life that China has been focusing on Revolution led by Hong Xiuchuan, who read a pamphlet by western missionaries Regional leaders like Li Hongzhang helped defeat Tai Ping Tian Guo 1856: westerners attacked Chinese forts, Chinese government officials
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1-27-09 - English textiles didnt enter China, China was...

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