2-10-09 - Cultural revolution in China Peoples communes are...

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Cultural revolution in China People’s communes are good Mao’s words so powerful that communes spread over China Children placed in communal nursery when parents worked around the clock To overtake England and to catch up with America slogan People started to collect anything made of steel and iron difficulty: to keep the furnaces fueled But the steel made was useless lack of equipment In addition, Mao wanted to increase farm output more fertilizers everyone was full of enthusiasm During the Great Leap Forward, everyone had high hopes Propaganda: field supporting children’s weight After the anti-rightist campaign, no one dared to speak up The peasants were actually putting on a show for Mao Under the pressure to produce more (qualified to go to heaven), figures were inflated and made up, leaving peasants nothing to eat The higher the officials, the more likely that they dared to lie to the party Zheng Hongbin, the financial secretary, when hearing about the figure, was shocked 1959 they decided the Great Leap Forward went wrong, Mao then went to Shaoshan, his hometown and found out the reason for the problem, by asking people to speak up after that they set more realistic goals Peng Dehuai hated fraud and hypocrisy, but realized that it was difficult to discuss things with Mao face-to-face, to retain the in-your-face relationship with Mao at last he went against the communist, before he was Mao’s comrade Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi agreed with Peng, but no one dared to disagree with Mao and reveal their own feelings as a result production goal not cut peasants remained to starve Famine severe and widespread, but newspaper didn’t report anything about it peasants not allowed to leave local area the famine lasted
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2-10-09 - Cultural revolution in China Peoples communes are...

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